We BLVN keeping your religion to yourself and not tackily trying to convert people through social pressure or state law, so we have a soft spot in our hearts for people who advertise their Christianity on their license plates. A rotten, stinky, smelly soft spot.
Then there’s GNISIS1. For those who are not familiar, this is the very beginning bit when God creates everything out of a void. This passage is why Biblical literalists are against teaching evolution in schools. We can only assume that this driver is a douchebag Biblical literalist who prefers his/her fairy story to peer-reviewed science and isn’t afraid to shove it down schoolchildren’s throats.
Remember, folks, Christians are an oppressed minority in this country — that’s why only the president, 99 of 100 senators and eight of nine Supreme Court Justices are Christians! That’s why Christmas is a federal holiday! And that’s why douchebags feel free to prosthelytize via license plate.


3 Responses to IBLVNJC and GNISIS1

  1. RumorsDaily Golightly, Traveling says:

    Before I read your commentary, I read the first license plate as:

    “Be Loving Jeep Cherokee”

    Yours is more plausible.

  2. RumorsDaily Golightly, Traveling says:

    Sorry, “I Be Loving Jeep Cherokee”

  3. Mikky says:

    I’m not religious or anything, but don’t you think it’s a little harsh to call someone a douchebag for a license plate? This isn’t really shoving it down anyone’s throats. They have a right to their religion, just as you have a right to despise religion.

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