Right after an agent in New York sent us this douchebag license plate, the words “label whore” popped into our head. “Label whore,” as you may know, is a saucy way to describe people who are into high fashion and care very much whether their jeans are made by Tommy Hilfiger or Target.

Already, we think label whoredom is shallow and a waste of money. That goes for luxury cars too, and double for luxury cars that are actually Toyotas with gold-tone badging and leather upholstery. But you know what’s even stupider than label whoredom?


Adding an extra label right UNDER the first label! Presumably, this douche felt that the make and model of this car was so impressive that it was worth personalizing the license plate to say the same thing the manufacturer’s badge said. We disagree. On both counts.


One Response to LEXGS

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