When we first heard the term “rice rocket,” we thought it was racist. We are still not sure it’s OK for polite company, but this driver seems cool with it.

Douchebag license plate reading WHT RYCE

Douchebag license plate reading WHT RYCE

We do note that it’s an Acura Integra, a vehicle beloved of ricers.


4 Responses to WHT RYCE

  1. RD says:

    It’s clearly racist.

  2. segerev says:

    not racist…why is everybody so PC these days? “rice rocket”? asians don’t think its racist, we use that term all the time. And yes, the Integra is popular because of its high customibility.

    can people stop trying to find racism and political correctness everywhere just mind their own business?

    And before you start mocking ANYTHING, why even bother? Does it make you feel better if they look down and make fun of other folks’ choices? Do you know the backstory of these “douchebags” and why they have their license plates?

    If it doesnt hurt anywone, what business is it of anyone to judge? sheesh…

  3. mliu says:

    hahahahahaha. o this is too funny. he really isn’t racist. he’s just… wishes he was asian. ;)

  4. SICK_M3 says:

    It’s self deprecating, so it’s not douchey. It’s inside and it’s a decent pun.

    And to those who are not car enthusiasts, the term “rice” carries no racial connotations, only ones to the particular mindset of the culture. It is all inclusive; ANYONE can be a ricer.

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