Unclear on the concept?

We would have posted this plate no matter what, because it is douchebaggy to run around proclaiming that you are the “chosen one” unless you are  Neo.

Douchebag license plate reading CHOSENI.

Douchebag license plate reading CHOSENI.

However, the douche who owns this license plate happened to catch us photographing it, and proudly explained that she chose it because she is a Christian. In addition to the inherent douchiness of Christians running around bragging about being Christians (big whoop; have a cookie), we feel that it’s just a tad bit egotistical to run around proclaiming to be the chosen ONE. Particularly if your excuse is that you belong to a religion whose spread historians attribute to its egalitarian approach to the afterlife. And then there’s the fact that the Bible outright says the Israelites are the chosen people. Also known as the Hebrews. Those guys up on Beverly with the funny hats. JEWS.


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