Some douchebags are criminally charged!

We can’t see the entirety of this man’s license plate (TCH something), but after reading this article, we’re confident that it must be douche-y.

(Please note that the article is from KFI-AM, the local firebrand conservative shock-talk-radio station, which is far from free of douchebaggery itself. Warning: Facts may be left out for maximum shock value.)


2 Responses to Some douchebags are criminally charged!

  1. RumorsDaily says:

    It’s TCH MDN, right? Teach Medicine.

    This blog is like Bumper Stumpers.

  2. Jon says:

    That would make sense. The story notes he’s a surgeon and a quick google search indicates he is a medical professor, or at least someone with his (rather common) name is, though not around here.

    Indeed this blog is like bumper stumpers, and I’m apparently quite bad at it. We saw a real douchey-mega-truck in the south bay being driven by a real douchey guy with the plate “ROLLA J” and I had to have that explained to me.

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