Objectivism is inherently douche-y.

Here’s a license plate that might not have been so douche-y if it hadn’t been surrounded by an Objectivist license plate holder, implying that the driver actually believes himself or herself to be a great writer comparable to Hemingway. The Mercedes doesn’t help either.

douchebag license plate HMNGWY

Yeah, dude, you’re just like Hemingway and that guy from Oasis is bigger than John Lennon. Except, wait — I have no idea who the guy from Oasis is, and I also don’t know or care who you are. Douche.


One Response to Objectivism is inherently douche-y.

  1. Sue says:

    I had a run-in with another douche-bag with the California license plate “A HMNGWY”… Driving a monstrous SUV on Beverly Glen, tailgating me the entire way before swerving past and through a red light to get that ONE car length ahead of me.

    Total douche move. Seems there’s a common thread here…

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