Welcome to Douchebag License Plates

This blog chronicles douchebag personalized license plates spotted in and around Los Angeles. Trust us, there are plenty.

Who gets to decide whether a license plate is douche-y? We do. Life ain’t fair. We will, however, say that a license plate is not douche-y because the person driving the car is a douche, nor does a douchebag license plate necessarily have to be owned by a douchebag. If a personalized license plate implies that the owner loves him- or herself, however, it’s guaranteed douche-y.

We are not here to stalk anyone or threaten anyone or suggest that readers do those things. In fact, let’s just make it clear that we are against violence and threats. We just think people should be publicly mocked for their douchebag behavior.

We would love to receive pictures of douchebag license plates you saw. Email ’em to douchebaglicenseplates@yahoo.com.


One Response to Welcome to Douchebag License Plates

  1. Trina says:

    This could catch on…

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